Why do German Shepherds lick their paws

You must have seen your German Shepherd licking its paws and wondered why do German Shepherds lick their paws, right? Most of the time, the habit is linked to a moment of fun; however, if this practice is recurring, it could mean that your dog is in trouble. So keep on reading as I show you why German Shepherds lick their paws.

Why do German Shepherds lick their paws?

Apart from licking their paws for fun, there are a number of reasons why your German Shepherd may lick its paws. Some of the reasons can be pain, stress, boredom, burns, or it can even indicate the presence of parasites between your dog’s fingers. Learn more about each of these situations and how to take care of your dog.

1: German Shepherds licking their paws due to allergies

One of the main reasons why German Shepherds lick their paws is allergy. Allergies can cause itching and inflammation, leading your dog to lick its paws excessively.

Allergies can occur due to the concentration of mold on the paws or contact with chemicals and pesticides. Therefore, to avoid this, you need to keep your dog’s paws clean and dry at all times and ensure you take care of your dog during walks in parks or on the grass in your home garden.

2: Pain leads German Shepherds to lick their paws.

Seeing your German Shepherd lick its paws excessively could mean it’s in pain. This discomfort could be caused by burns from walking through hot places or bruises caused by stepping on sharp objects.

Therefore, to avoid these situations, be aware of the places where you take your dog for a walk and ensure your environment is free from sharp objects that may harm your dog.

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3: German Shepherds lick their paws due to stress.

Did you know that your German Shepherd may also lick its paws due to stress? You heard me right! Frustration, anxiety, and stress are emotional responses tied to the mental health of the dog.

Therefore, they can generate a trigger that can lead the German shepherd to lick its paws. If you notice any different behavior, seek help from a veterinarian.

4: Boredom leads your German Shepherd to lick its paw excessively

You may ask, “Why is my German shepherd always licking his paws?” Well, I have got the answer for you. The reason why German Shepherds lick their paws constantly is because they are suffering from boredom.

If you notice your dog is always licking its paws, then the solution is quite simple. Just give the pet some toys to play with or take him for a walk so you can have fun with it.

5: Fleas and ticks make German Shepherds lick their paws

One of the villains that make German Shepherds lick their paws excessively are the dreaded fleas and ticks. This disease, in addition to causing skin irritation and itching in your pet, can still lead your dog to contract dermatitis. Therefore, if you notice the presence of any of these parasites, take the animal to the veterinarian.

How do you prevent German Shepherds from licking their paws?

The best way to prevent your German Shepherd from licking its paws is through some of the suggestions I have prepared for every dog owner or breeder to keep the pet always healthy and happy. Check them out below!

  1. Don’t let the German shepherd lick itself for long periods, as this can cause fungus on the paws.
  2. Protect your German Shepherd’s paws whenever you take them to parks.
  3. Avoid going out with your pet or leaving it exposed on very hot days.
  4. Create a routine of exercises and activities for the dog to spend energy on.

Note: If, even with prevention, your German Shepherd is still licking its paws excessively for no apparent reason, I highly recommend looking for a trusted veterinarian and starting the proper treatment.

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