Top Computer Science Scholarships For Females

Finding computer science scholarships for females can be quite difficult but with the right steps, it can be found.

With the fast-rising interest in the world of tech, getting a computer science degree will give you an upper edge in the labor market.

Complex things are not meant for men alone, as a woman you also need to equip yourself with the right knowledge to help you sit at the top in various sectors of discipline.

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), computer science needs more women. In 2018-19, According to the NCES, 70,300 male students earned degrees in computer science, compared to only 18,300 female students. This is why most scholarship programs are designed for females to help increase the number of female computer science graduates.

In this article, we have taken our time to organize for you some important Computer Science Scholarships For Females that will definitely come in handy to you as a female student.

Best Computer Science Scholarships For Females

Without wasting much of your time let us take a good look at some important computer science scholarships for females;

1. SMART Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is made available by the United States Department of Defence.

SMART scholarship opportunity is open to citizens of the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

Applicants of this scholarship program must be ready to pursue a technical degree in one of the 21 STEM disciplines prioritized by the Department of Defense.

And also applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

Awardees are offered a scholarship grant of $38,000 to cover tuition costs.


2. Aysen Tunca Memorial Scholarship

The Aysen Tunca Memorial Scholarship program aims to assist female STEM undergraduates in attaining an undergraduate degree.

Applicants of this scholarship program must be citizens of the United States, members of the Society of Physics Students, and college sophomores or juniors.

This scholarship program offers an award of $2,000 annually.


3. Women in Computer Science Scholarship from

This scholarship program aims to support female students who intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science at

The scholarship program also seeks to increase the interest of females in the respected discipline.

Scholarship awardees will be given a $500 stipend.


4. AWC Scholarship Fund for Women in Computing

This scholarship award is made available by the Ann Arbor Chapter of the Association for Women in Computing.

The sole aim of the scholarship program is to increase the number and influence of women in technology and computing, as well as to encourage women to study and apply these skills to progress their careers in the industry.

This scholarship program awards its selected candidates with a grant of $1,000.


5. Visionary Integration Professionals Women in Technology Scholarship

The Visionary Integration Professionals Women in Technology Scholarship program is made available to women who are residing in the United States.

Intending applicants must be able to compose at least 1500 word essay, stating why they want to run an IT program in the following discipline; Information Management, Cybersecurity, Software Development, Networking, Systems Administration, Database Administration, Project Management, and Computer Support.

Awardees will be offered a grant of $2,500


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6. University of Maryland Baltimore County’s Center for Women in Technology Scholars Program

This scholarship program is made available by the University of Baltimore.

The Center for Women in Technology Scholars Program is open for undergraduate students majoring in computer science, information systems, business technology administration (with a technical focus), computer engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical/biochemical/environmental engineering, or a related program.

Awardees of this scholarship program are offered from $5,000 to $15,000 each academic year for in-state students and from $10,000 to $22,000 per academic year for out-of-state students.

7. Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

The Society of Women Engineers scholarship program aims to provide opportunities for women in STEM fields to enable them to influence the world.

The program also provides women with the chance of networking with other professionals in STEM fields.

This scholarship program provides women with financial aid ranging from $1,000 to $15,000.


8. Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship

Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship program aims to encourage women to pursue a career in Computer science, engineering, and technical education.

All scholarship recipients will be invited to interview for an internship or full-time position at Palantir following completion of the program.

This scholarship program provides its awardees with a grant of $7,000


9. Michigan Council of Women in Technology Scholarship Program

This scholarship program awards women who demonstrate an interest in a successful career in computer science.

The scholarship opportunity is made possible by a robust network of firms and individuals that support Michigan’s diverse technology sector.

This program awards a grant of $146,000.


10. American Association of University Women Selected Professions Fellowships

This fellowship program is awarded to women who intend to study a full-time program at an accredited U.S University.

Applicants of this program must be US Citizens or permanent residents.

This scholarship program awards its selected candidates with a grant ranging from $5,000 to $18,000.




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