Top 10 Scholarships For Women in Business

Scholarships for women in business will help women to attain their desired business academic achievements.

The sole aim of these scholarships is to create a gender balance for women who intend to be business professionals and also help international women all over the world achieve their desired academic goals.

In this article, we have taken our time to organize some major scholarships for women in business that will be of great help to you;

1. WTS Scholarships

This scholarship program focuses on advancing women’s careers in the transportation industry. 

Scholarship winners are chosen based on “the applicant’s specific transportation goals, academic record, and transportation-related activities or job skills.”

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2. Women’s International Network of Utility Professionals (WiNUP) Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to women who intend to pursue an undergraduate degree in any business field.

According to the application procedure, “Relevant fields must relate to a career in a utility-related profession such as engineering, business administration, accounting, environmental sciences, communication, information technologies, and so on”

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3. Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation Scholarships

Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation provides 9 different scholarships that are geared toward helping women attain their academic goals.

The scholarship is open to women who intend to pursue a degree in any hospital major or business-related major.

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4. Women in Public Finance Scholarship

This scholarship program offers 10 scholarships to women who intend to pursue a public finance-related career.

This scholarship is available only for graduating high school seniors with a 3.0 GPA. 

The scholarship program is looking for women;

  • Who exhibit leadership skills through extracurricular activities, volunteer positions, and/or work experience
  • Who has an interest in pursuing a public finance-related career in finance, government, nonprofits, or the law.

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5. WIIT Student Scholarships

This scholarship opportunity is made available by the Association of Women in International Trade.

The program awards $1,500 to winners who are chosen based on the “quality of the assigned essay and the applicant’s demonstrated interested in international trade”. 

In addition to the scholarship grant, winners will also receive;

  • One full year of personal mentorship by a WIIT member.
  • One full year of WIIT membership.
  • One WIIT program based on the topic of the winning essay with knowledgeable professionals from the WIIT community.

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6. NGA Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship opportunity is made available by the National Grocers Association.

The program offers 11 different college scholarships to women who intend to major in grocery-related fields such as Business Food management.

This scholarship program is available for both graduate and undergraduate students.

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7. Nancy Hall Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship program aims to support women who are pursuing careers in material handling, warehousing, and heavy equipment”. 

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8. Moss Adams Ignite Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is open to women who intend to run a major in accounting or related fields. 

Moss Adams treats the scholarship application like an interview, requiring a cover letter, resume, and interview. They also require a 3.0 GPA 

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9. Mildred C Hanson SIOR Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is made available by Mildred C Hanson SIOR Memorial 

This scholarship program offers a scholarship grant of $8,000 to women who are rising juniors or seniors and intend to pursue a career in commercial real estate.

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10. Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting Scholarships

This scholarship program offers six different scholarships to women who are in accounting.

This scholarship program offers a sum of $16,000 to its awardees.

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