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How to quickly teach a dog to roll over on command

If you are a dog owner or breeder and would love to learn how to quickly teach a dog to roll over on command, then this article is for you.

Teaching commands is one of the main missions of dog breeders and trainers. As a dog owner, you probably already know about the importance of training, which is an effective and fun way to educate your pets using simple commands.

One of the best-known and most sought-after tricks is how to teach a dog to roll over on command, and that’s what we’re going to talk about. We are going to share a step-by-step guide with tips on how to quickly teach a dog to roll over on command.

How to quickly teach a dog to roll over on command

To begin with, you should know that training your dog is easier than you might think. All that is needed of you is to be patient and affectionate when teaching your dog new commands.

Also, having something to offer the dog for each achievement as a way of rewarding it would definitely make the process go smoothly and easily and be fun for both you and the dog.

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Now check below for the step-by-step procedures on how to teach your dog to roll over on command:

1) First of all, you must check if your dog knows how to lie down. This is an essential first step in completing the rolling trick. If he doesn’t respond to the “down” command, you should train him to do so first.

2) Give your dog the command to lie down. He should start by lying on his belly with his paws in front of his body and his head up.

If he tries to get up, gently push him into a sitting position. When he is seated, show him the treat. Then say the watchword “roll” and at the same time move the treat, rotating the food around the dog’s head so that his nose follows.

If you guide him with the treat along a path that makes your dog roll, he will roll. Remember to say “roll” in a clear, friendly voice as you move the treat to the side of the animal’s head.

3) There are other ways to teach your dog to roll over. In one of them, you can also order him to play dead, that is, to lie on his side and be completely still. In this case, the second step is to grab the leg that is on top and the lower part of the dog’s back and slowly and very carefully roll it to the side.

4) The treat should only be offered if the dog executes the “roll” command.

5) The training can be repeated several times in the same day, almost never requiring rest breaks. It’s hard to find a dog that gets tired of exercise, which, to him, is just another game.

6) Laying and rolling is a trick that can be taught in just one session. For the dog to retain the learning, it is enough to give the commands a few times a day, without the need to offer snacks, but always praising and showing affection.

7) Once the commands “lay down” and “roll over” have been assimilated, the trainer can make the dog alternate sides. Just move the treat to the right and left, saying “here” and “there.”

More Tips

To quickly teach a dog to roll over on command, it is important to ensure that the dog does not have any clothes or equipment (such as a collar) to prevent him from being stuck to the ground—even for just a few seconds. The situation is distressing and does not contribute anything to the learning.

Like I said earlier, the first step in training a dog to roll over on command is to make sure the dog knows what the command “down” means. Even if your dog lays down several times a day without you using the command, it has no meaning for him and won’t make him learn the rollover trick.

Right and left are concepts that don’t make any sense to dogs. In order for them to learn to alternate the directions in which they roll their body on the floor, it is enough to say back and front, initially taking the treat to the sides, which can then be replaced by the hand and, finally, only by the verbal order.

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All commands need to be clearly enunciated, preferably always using the same tone. You don’t need to raise your voice, but it should be sure and firm.

When the dog makes the move alone without your help, remember to reward him with a treat. This will show that he performed the trick correctly, which will encourage him to repeat the feat.

If your dog doesn’t learn to roll over quickly, don’t be discouraged! Just keep practicing until he can do the trick without help. After a while, you won’t need to move the treat over his head anymore.

The benefits of rolling over training for dogs

In addition to being cute and funny, teaching a dog to roll over on command is an important physical activity or exercise for dogs. When he is encouraged to lie down and roll around on the floor several times a day, he is actually doing gymnastics, and this strengthens the entire dog organism.

The exercises also expand the dog’s understanding of human language; he begins to better understand the tutors, who, on the other hand, also learn several effective communication strategies with the pet.

Teaching a dog to roll over on command is also important to maintain the dog’s balance. By complying with orders and commands, he is recognizing the authority of the trainer.

Follow our tips to quickly teach a dog to roll over on command! Enjoy this fun and enriching experience for both of you. Remember: For this type of training, you need to motivate your dog to perform non-instinctive tasks.