7 Tips to avoid dog attacks

I am compelled to share these tips to avoid dog attacks because my own unguarded German Shepherd nearly bit an unfamiliar visitor a few days ago. It took the effort of me and many other familiar faces to restrain the dog. If not, the dog was out for blood, and this was because the visitor couldn’t mind his own business when he entered the premise.


Now back to the topic, dogs are animals from the wolf family, and although they have adapted very well to living with us, their instincts are strong and sometimes dictate behaviors that are not the most appropriate. Most of the time, people are the “culprit” for bothering a dog and generating an aggressive reaction.

Most often, dogs, especially German Shepherds, are considered responsible and very friendly, but that doesn’t mean you should overstep your boundaries as an unfamiliar face. Here I will give some advice on how to avoid dog attacks.

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Guidelines for avoiding dog bites or attacks

Here we will see some behavior guidelines that we must follow and teach our children to avoid being bitten by dogs:

1: Never approach a dog without the owner

When you see a dog on the street or you visit a friend’s place and you see a dog, never approach it or try to touch it without asking the owner first. Even if it’s small and looks adorable, many dogs are feisty or fearful and won’t tolerate a stranger approaching them. Their instinctive reaction will be to try to push away what they perceive as a threat, and you could end up with your finger between its teeth.

2: Be careful with your kids around dogs and watch them at all times

If your children are playing in a space where there are dogs, be sure to watch them at all times. Children, especially small ones, may not resist the temptation to pet the puppy or forget your teaching if the ball they are playing with falls close to the animal.

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3: Keep your distance from a dog that is eating, has puppies or is sleeping

This is very serious, and you should warn your kids as well. Dogs that are eating or have puppies are more defensive and aggressive than ever; you should try to avoid them, especially when you are not the one serving them food. Likewise, you shouldn’t, for any reason, rudely interrupt a sleeping dog; it can react and bite without even having time to realize what it has done. Even the most affectionate female dogs can lash out if they think their pups are in danger.

4: Don’t startle a dog

The fourth tip to avoid dog attacks is never to startle a dog that is looking at you threateningly. If you see a dog looking at you threateningly, withdraw slowly and silently. If the dog is quiet, don’t look him in the eye, but don’t turn your back until you are a good distance away, and, if not necessary, don’t raise your hand or make movements that startle him.

5: Do not disturb a dog that is calm

Some people have fun this way and goad the animal until it reacts. If so, don’t complain if you get a good bite.

6: Don’t yell, run, skate, or ride a bike near an unfamiliar dog

These actions can turn the dog on or wake up his pursuit instinct. The dog may chase you and bite your ankles, thinking it’s just a game.

7: Don’t touch dogs if you are afraid of them

If someone is afraid of dogs, don’t make them touch one. Fearful people tend to make movements or adopt attitudes that make the animal feel uncomfortable or threatened. So if you don’t like dogs, avoid touching them before you lose one of your fingers😂.

With these 7 tips to avoid dog attacks, you wouldn’t get bitten by dogs. If you like our work, a tip from you will help us serve you better. If you need the best balanced and nutritional food for your dogs, check out the options below.

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