Check out the most beautiful dog breeds in the world

Can you guess which is the most beautiful dog breed in the world? In fact, this is not an easy task for us, as there are many cute and endearing dog breeds that attract the public with their beauty. We went into research, and we were able to discover nine different breeds that are certainly among the cutest breeds and are mostly admired by people.

Continue reading as we unveil the top 9 most beautiful dog breeds in the world!

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What are the most beautiful dog breeds in the world?

As we know, opinion is something private, and what seems beautiful to you might be ugly to another person. Defining which is the prettiest dog breed in the world is difficult; after all, all dogs are beautiful.

Even if there is a preference for a certain breed, every pet has its own unique qualities and characteristics. However, some breeds appear on any list of the most beautiful dogs in the world because of their abundant coats or athletic and elegant appearances.

We list nine breeds that are seen as the most beautiful among the furry ones. Check it out:


Pomeranian Lulu, also called German Spitz, is one of the darlings of Brazilians ( image source:

The Pomeranian, also known as the Dwarf German Spitz, is one of the most beautiful and charming dog breeds that exist. Very cute, it stands out for its fascinating coat, small stature, and contagious joy.

Originally from Germany, it is the oldest dog in Central Europe, although there are variations of its type within the same breed.

Chow chow

The Chow chow dog breed is among the cutest dogs in the world
The Chow Chow has different coat colors. All beautiful! (Image source:

Looking like a stuffed lion, the Chow Chow is another serious contender for being the cutest dog in the world. Medium-sized, it has a voluminous and soft coat, in addition to having a nice-looking blue-black tongue.

It is loyal and a good guardian, but it is also independent and stubborn, characteristics that come from its beginnings as a guard dog in China.


Beagle is among the Top 9 most beautiful dog breeds in the world

The Beagle has a different combination of colors in its short coat: black, brown, and white. In addition to being beautiful, this small to medium-sized dog is also a charming breed.

They are cheerful, intelligent, and affectionate, making them great companions for the family. Although it does not hide its native watchdog instinct,

Golden Retriever

Beautiful Golden Retriever dog breed

One of the darlings of Brazilians, the Golden Retriever, has long hair that is always cream or golden. The breed can reach up to 50 kg in size.

They are large, intelligent, and affectionate, which makes them very adept at playing and outdoor activities. Not to mention their fur, which highlights how cute and adorable they are.

Akita Inu

Japanese Akita Inu dog breed

Originating from the mountains of northern Japan, the Akita is another strong contender to be the most beautiful dog breed in the world. With small or medium stature, the animal signifies nobility with its imposing bearing. Its outstanding characteristic is loyalty to its owner. It was originally used as a hunting dog in the 17th century. But today, the Akita Inu is docile, receptive, and a good companion.


Dalmatian dog breed

Famous for starring in movies and cartoons, the Dalmatian has an unmistakable appearance with its white coat full of black or brown spots. Elegant, its large size represents a bit of its former function: to be used as a carriage puller.

They are friendly, playful, and faithful—ideal for a family.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky puppy

Much like wolves, the Siberian Husky has voluminous fur and an elegant bearing. The breed often has different colors, which easily attract the attention of the public. It’s a strong candidate to be the most beautiful dog breed in the world, isn’t it?

It is an intelligent, gentle dog and pleasant company because it is always willing to work, especially because of its reputation as a sled puller.

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St. Bernard

St. Bernard dog breed

Big and very cute, the St. Bernard is one of those dogs that, despite its large size, is friendly by nature, calm, and protective. With regard to her beauty, she mixes her natural charisma with that of her powerful and extraordinary physical appearance, with a coat of white colors, light red spots, and dark shadows on her head.

They originate from Switzerland, where they played the roles of guard dog and rescue dog.


Samoyed dog breed

With an incredible white coat, the Samoyed is a typical snow dog, originating in northern Russia and Siberia and being used as a sled puller and in hunting. In addition to the characteristic fur, it has a natural look nicknamed “the Samoyed Smile” due to the appearance of the eyes and mouth.

It is very sociable, lively, and alert, although it should not be used as a guard dog.

What do you consider the most beautiful dog breed in the world? Tell us in the comments!