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Physical activities for dogs: how to make your German Shepherd lose weight

Doing physical activity is good for the body and mind, not only of humans but of German Shepherds as well. Today, is going to drop some tips on how to make your German shepherd lose weight by doing some physical activities from time to time.


Just like us, dogs and cats can present behavioral disorders that can result in health problems when they stop moving. Obesity is also a reality among German Shepherds. Sometimes, it can be linked to a poor diet, but also to a sedentary lifestyle. In this perspective, physical activity for German Shepherds helps reduce visceral fat. In this way, it manages to regulate the ideal weight according to the size of the dog.

German Shepherd dogs, for example, can reach 30 to 40 kg. The practice of physical activity for German Shepherds is extremely advantageous. With it, they can produce a series of hormones and neurotransmitters, such as endorphins, which contribute to the feeling of well-being.

When you combine physical activities with quality food rich in nutrients, you intend to get many benefits. Obesity in dogs is on the rise, and owners are often dismissive of the issue.

Many German Shepherds are overweight because they always have food available for them to eat whenever they want. This, combined with boredom, anxiety, and a lack of things to do, makes your dog “take it out” on food as a way to dissipate stress. But if you can read the following to the last paragraph, you should be able to learn how to make your German Shepherd lose weight through some physical activities.

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How to make your German Shepherd lose weight

  • Offer two portions of food per day, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon or evening, whichever is the smallest.
  • Do veterinary follow-up and monitor the weight of your German Shepherds.
  • Go out for a walk daily.
  • Don’t give too many treats.
  • Playing games is also a form of physical activity.
  • Control quantities and maintain meal times.

Physical activities at home

There are also several exercises that can be done at home to make your German Shepherd lose weight. See two examples:

Steps (ladder)

Yes, German Shepherds can also do this famous gym exercise. Have a safe and grippy platform (a box, pallet, or some piece of furniture) and have the GSD place its front paws on the platform, one at a time, and then return them to the ground.


Throw the ball and teach the dog to bring it back. This is simple and very effective way of making your German Shepherd lose weight.

Walk, stroll, run, or race

The street is one of the best options for the practice of physical activities for dogs. Simple daily walks work great for dogs in general, but some more active dogs or some breeds like GSD require more intense activities, such as racing. Throw a ball at a distance and have your dog race to retrieve it. Please, always follow up with the veterinarian, and never demand too much from the dog.

Exercise with extreme caution

But be careful, guardian: if your dog has health problems that limit its movements or joint diseases, talk to the veterinarian before offering any physical activity.