How To Make Use of Heritage Bank USSD Code

In this article, we are going to be showing you how to make use of heritage bank ussd code(*745#) to run quick transactions.

With the help of this code you can perform some basic bank transactions at the comfort of your home, such as money transfer, airtime purchase and so on.

The good thing about using this code is that it is fast and reliable, and is available 24/7, giving you access to your account at anytime of the day.

How To Register for Heritage Bank USSD Code

1. On your mobile device dial *745#
2. Enter your account number
3. Input the last 6 digit of your ATM card
4. Input your card expiry date
5. Create a 4 DIGIT PIN
6. Click on send

How To Transfer Fund using this code

  • On your device dial *745#
  • On the pop-up menu select Transfer
  • Enter amount
  • Input the account number you wish to transfer funds
  • Confirm the details of the transfer
  • Input your 4 DIGIT PIN


How To Check Account Balance using Heritage Bank USSD CODE

  • On your device dial *745#
  • Enter 0
  • Follow the prompt message to check your account balance.

How To Block Account from any Mobile Device

Supposing you misplace your phone and you want to block your mobile device from having access to your account through USSD;

  • Dial *745#
  • Enter 11
  • Enter your PIN to block your account and stop any transaction taking place on your account.


How To Buy Airtime Using This Code

To buy airtime for yourself

  • dial *745#
  • Select airtime
  • Select for self
  • Enter amount you want to buy

To buy airtime for loved ones

  • Dial *745#
  • Select airtime
  • Select for others
  • Enter amount you want to buy
  • Enter the mobile number you want to buy the airtime for
  • Authenticate transaction by inputting your 4 DIGIT PIN

How to Reset Pin Using Code

  • On your device dial *745*00#
  • Input a new PIN
  • Submit it

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