How To Delete Transaction History On PalmPay – Full Guide

Are you in search of how to delete your transaction history on Palmpay? If yes then this article is definitely for you.

As we all know, Palmpay is a popular mobile payment platform in Africa especially Nigeria that provides its users with a user friendly mobile interface that allows them to perform financial transactions such as funds transfer, utility bills payment, airtime purchase and much more at the comfort of their homes.

Palmpay has a way of compiling transaction history providing users with a comprehensive record of their financial activities. This feature helps you to track you activities any where any time.

How to Check Palmpay Transaction Status

Before we guide you on what to do when trying to delete your transaction history on Palmpay, let us give you a brief understanding on what Palmpay transaction history can do for you and also show you how to delete Palmpay transaction history.

Palmpay like many other financial institutions is bound by regulatory policies that requires the retention of transaction history for a certain period of time.

This helps them to ensure transparency, accountability and compliance with government regulations and policies.

In order for you to check your transaction history on Plampay, simply do the following;

  • Launch the Palmpay app on your mobile device
  • Log into your account
  • Click on the clock icon located in the bottom-right corner of the screen, this will allow you to access the activiity tab.
  • Scroll through your transaction history to find the exact transaction you are looking for.


Reasons For Palmpay Transaction History Deletion

You may be wondering why someone will want to delete their transaction history on Palmpay, below are some of the reasons why;

  • User may want to maintain their financial privacy by removing transaction history.
  • Most users may want to change their financial spending pattern and they can only achieve this by deleting their transaction history.
  • Also deleting your transaction history gives you control of what financial data is stored.
  • Most time this can be a matter of personal choice in order to help them manage their transactions.
  • For financial confidentiality sake, some users require a clean slate in order to prevent others from viewing their past transactions.
  • Deleting irrelevant transaction history, helps one to organize and categorize transactions effectively.


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How To Delete Transaction History On Palmpay

Due to the regulation in the financial system in order to create transparency, deter money laundering, prevent fraud, and facilitate accurate taxation, Palmpay does not offer an option to delete transaction history.

However, Palmpay provides a n option to its users that bridges the gap between convenience and compliance by allowing them archive their transaction data instead of deleting it.

The archive feature presents a solution for those who want to streamline their recent activity section within the app while records are being kept for future purposes.

Archiving your transaction can be helpful if you want to organize your transaction data on your device.

How To Archive your Transaction Data on Palmpay

In order to archive your data on Palmpay simply do the following;

  • On your mobile device launch the Palmpay app
  • Log into your Palmpay account
  • Click on the activity tab
  • You transaction history will be displayed on your screen, go through them to know the ones you want to archive.
  • In the transaction history section, click on archive
  • Select the transactions you intend to archive by clicking on the check boxes besides each of them.
  • Go through your selection to be sure that you have selected all you want to archive.
  • Once you have gone through them confirm the archive process, and your transaction history will be archived automatically.


How To Delete Your Palmpay Acount

However, if you insist of deleting your transaction history, you can only achieve this by deleting your palmpay account.

They are two ways in which you can delete your palmpay account they include

1. Do it yourself

If you are fully convinced that deleting your palmpay account will solve your issue of privacy, you can delete it yourself by

  • Visiting the official Palmpay website
  • Log into your account
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Click on close your account
  • Provide the necessary information that is required from you before they continue to delete your account, such as your account number.
  • Confirm the by clicking the close the account button.
  • Plampay will review your request and give you a response shortly.


2. Contact Palmpay to do it for you

If you are finding it difficult to delete your PalmPay account by yourself, you can do it by contacting Palmpay customer support and requesting that they do it for you.

FAQs On How to Delete Transaction History on Palmpay

Is It Possible To delete my transaction history on Palmpay?

Due to government regulations, Palmpay does not provide an option to delete transaction history.

How can I delete transactions on PalmPay?

It is  important to note that the palmpay doesn’t offer a direct option to delete your transaction history. However, PalmPay does provide users with an alternative approach, allowing them to archive their transaction data. Archiving helps you maintain an organized record of your transactions without the need for deletion.

Why can’t I find a “Delete Transaction History” option on Palmpay?

This is because Palmpay is obligated to comply with government regulation policies making it impossible for them to provide delete transaction history on Palmpay.

How can I clear my transaction history on PalmPay?

You can’t delete your Palmpay transaction history however, Palmpay provides you with the archive option that helps you organize your transaction history.

How does the Palmpay transaction history archive feature work?

The archive transaction feature allows you to move transactions to a separate section for better organization, without deletion.

Can I access archived Palmpay transactions history easily?

Yes, you can access your archived transaction whenever you need them, this is because archived transactions have their own sections.



In conclusion, Palmpay is bound by regulations and policies that does not allow them to provide the delete transaction history, however, with the above process you can archive your palmpay transaction.

This will help you to organize your palmpay transactions and also provide privacy in case you don’t want anyone going through your transaction process.






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