How To Contact Opay Customer Care

In this article, we will be guiding you on how to contact the Opay Customer Care.

Not only is Opay a Fintech company that you can trust, it also provides you with a 24/7 customer care service.

This means that you can always contact them no matter the time and location.

As we all know, Opay is a financial service company that provides its users with a wide range of services such as funds transfer, utility bills payment, and much more.

Having an accessible customer care service is a very vital part of any industry especially the Fintech industry. This is because it has a way of impacting the overall customer experience.

Opay provides its customers with several customer care channels to assist whenever they intend to contact any customer care agent.

Benefits of Opay Customer Care Service

Before we go into the steps on how to contact Opay customer care service, let us take a good look at the benefit of their customer care service;

  • It aids users to reactivate their account.
  • It helps you to demand for your statement of account.
  • You can Block your ATM card in case of stolen cases.
  • With their customer care service, you can activate any dormant Opay account.
  • Bill payment issue inquiry.
  • Customer care service guides you on the steps you need to open your account.
  • Banking inquiries.


How To Contact Opay Customer Care

Opay provides its users with multiple ways of contacting;

  • Through Opay Customer Care Number
  • Through Opay Customer Care Email
  • Through Opay Customer Care Social media
  • Through Opay Customer Care Whats App Number
  • Through Opay Live Chat

Through Opay Customer Care Number

You can contact Opay customer care through the following numbers;

1. For App & Card queries

0700 888 8328 or 01 8888328

2. POS Business Queries

0700 888 8329 or 01 8888329

Through Opay Customer Care Email

You can also contact Opay through their official email address @ or

Make sure that you have concrete evidence before you send them an email. Responses may take at least 24hrs. Also your response depends on the complexity of your request.

Also make sure that you include your Nuban account number when emailing the, this helps for easy identification.


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Through Opay Customer Care Social media

Opay can also be accessed through their various social media channels.

You can reach Opay via their community on;


Facebook: Or



Through Opay Customer Care WhatsApp Number

Opay is also available on Whatsapp, and they can be reached through this number;


You just need to add them up on whatsap and then send the a message on their DM.


Through Opay Live Chat

The Opay app has a live chat session where you can reach out to their customer care representatives.

All you need to do is to click on the help button, a prompt message will be sent to you providing you access with their customer care service.


Opay Customer Care Contact Address: Opay Head Office Address

If you reside in Nigeria, Opay has an official headquarters in Lagos and also in Portharcourt.

you can visit Opay through the following address;

11th Floor, Radisson Blu Hotel, 38/40 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phase 2, 79, Evo Road, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt, off Woji Road, GRA, PH, Rivers


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked question when it comes to Opay customer care;

How do I complain to Opay?

You can complain to Opay by reaching out to them on their various customer care services which can be vial whatsapp, email, live chat and hot line.

How do I complain to Opay?

You can report an Opay transaction by sending them an official email to this email address or you can call their hotline @ 234 700 6700 000.

Which bank owns OPay?

OPay is a subsidiary of Opera Limited, a Norwegian company that owns the Opera web browser. Although OPay partners with several banks in Nigeria, it is not owned by any specific bank.

Does Opay have a WhatsApp number?

Yes they do, you can contact them through the whatsapp number below;


What information do I need to provide when contacting Opay customer care?

What you need is your account number and then the transaction details you are trying to report. You can also add any other relevant information to enable them assist you effectively.

How can I get my money back from OPay?

You can refund an Opay wallet through the following ways;

  • Initialize the refund request.
  • Verify refund Status.









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