How to boost dogs’ immune system naturally

Do you want to learn how to boost dogs’ immune system naturally? This post is for you. The immune system works to protect the body from disease and infection. It is a barrier that works as a defense, and taking care of one’s immune system is essential to prevent changes in health.

A strong and properly functioning immune system is the best weapon against any foreign aggressor or disease. In short, the immune system is what keeps humans and pets alive.

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That said, I am going to explain the types of immune responses in dogs, give tips on how you can boost your dog’s immune system naturally, and recommend some dog foods that can be used to strengthen the overall dog’s immune system. Let’s go 🥰


What are the two types of immunity in dogs?

Generally, dogs have two types of immune systems or responses. Those of innate immunity and those of adaptive immunity.

  1. Innate (nonspecific) immunity: This fights against bacteria and viruses from the puppy’s birth.
  2. Acquired or adaptive immunity: This is stimulated by exposure to infectious agents, which our dog can fight thanks to a good diet. In other words, our dog is born with certain natural defenses that are strengthened throughout its life, giving it more and more tools to protect itself from external agents.

How to boost dogs’ immune system naturally

Exposure to infectious or pathogenic agents and a nutritious and complete diet are the main reinforcement measures to improve the immune system of dogs.

Giving our dogs good-quality food, maintaining proper hygiene in the space where the animal lives, and carrying out an exercise routine adjusted to its needs are the best tools to boost dogs’ immune system naturally.

Our dog will be exposed to a large number of external agents, especially during walks. Facing these situations with an adequate food routine allows dogs to defend themselves against these threats and is the best way to boost their immune system in a healthy and continuous way.

Furthermore, certain metabolic procedures form free radicals in our bodies or our pets’. These, if not eliminated naturally through a strong immune system boosted by the consumption of antioxidants, can increase the risk of suffering from diseases.

Foods to boost dogs’ immune system

As we can see, it is essential to help our dog boost its immune system. It is in our hands to maintain an adequate diet that contains vitamins and supplements that enhance its effectiveness, protecting your stomach and creating a natural barrier against foreign agents. Being domestic animals, we must make sure to always stick to a natural and complete diet that contains all the needed vitamins and minerals for a well-functioning immune system.

We have many brands focused on creating foods that include natural ingredients and are designed to protect your dog’s intestinal flora and strengthen its immune system.

Immune Support supplements by Raw Paws Pet Food stand out for being a natural extract specifically designed to provide our dogs with a source of antioxidants and help to neutralize free radicals, which are harmful to their immune system. It is included in all their food, adapted to the age, size, and needs of our canine companions.

Vitamins to strengthen the immune system of dogs

Still, on how to boost dogs’ immune system naturally, there are a lot of vitamins that can help our dog’s immune system be stronger. There are foods with ingredients of natural origin such as spices, citrus fruits, bananas, apples, and other fruits rich in vitamins C, E, and B9 (among others), which act so that our dog’s immune system can produce immune cells, increasing the creation of enzymes and white blood cells and increasing the number of antibodies in their body.

Raw Paws advanced nutrition products are created to boost your pet’s immune system and well-being. The pet food company gives us the possibility to feed our dogs a balanced diet and better snacks when we want to reward them. The foods are rich in antioxidants and probiotics, which will help your pets maintain a healthy intestinal flora capable of expelling toxins.

At PureGermanShepherd, it is our duty to provide you with all the products in the Raw Paws range to boost your dog’s immune system with a very complete range of dry food, wet food, and snacks.