Dog Pregnancy: How long is a dog’s pregnancy cycle?

How about learning all about dog gestation? Check out how long is a dog’s pregnancy cycle and how to find out if your dog is pregnant. You will certainly be able to better prepare for the arrival of new puppies in the family.


Dog pregnancy: How to find out if your dog is pregnant

As with other animals, the best way to find out if your dog is pregnant is to pay attention to her behavior. Below are some of the signs that may indicate that she is expecting puppies. Check them out!

The most obvious sign of dog pregnancy is the enlargement of the breasts, nipples, and belly area. In addition to the physical change, some behavioral changes also help to determine if your dog is pregnant. The main ones are:

  1. signs of tiredness;
  2. lack of appetite;
  3. nausea;
  4. weight gain;
  5. stay in isolated places.

If you notice one or more of these signs in your pet, the ideal thing to do is to seek help from a veterinarian. The consultation also helps to rule out or confirm the possibility of a false pregnancy.

For this, the specialist performs ultrasound and radiography tests to confirm the presence of puppies in the womb of the b**ch. If the dog’s pregnancy is confirmed, it is essential to take a series of precautions to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

How long is a dog’s pregnancy cycle?

The gestation period of a dog lasts, on average, from 60 to 70 days. That is, with the necessary care observed, in just over two months, the owner will have a house full of puppies to liven up the environment.

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Dog pregnancy: what to do?

After taking the pet to the veterinarian and making sure that the dog is pregnant, you need to start prenatal care and follow-up according to the specialist’s prescription. In addition, some care contributes to a healthy dog pregnancy cycle, such as:

  1. Feed the b**ch with puppy food, as it helps in milk production.
  2. Follow the veterinarian’s nutritional guidelines correctly.
  3. Do not medicate or vaccinate the animal during pregnancy or breastfeeding, unless indicated by the veterinarian;
  4. Offer a soft bed and blankets for the b**ch and the unborn little ones to feel comfortable;
  5. Keep the dog in a calm and loving environment;
  6. Always leave fresh water available to the pet.

It is important to remember that the care related to the pregnancy of a dog should not be stopped until the moment the dog gives birth. In the two months following birth, it is necessary to ensure the healthy weaning of the puppies.

How do you avoid dog pregnancy?

Since we have answered this question, “How long is a dog’s pregnancy cycle?” Do you want to prevent your dog from getting pregnant? The safest way to do this is with the preventive neutering of male and female dogs. In this way, you will eliminate any possibility of the female dog becoming pregnant.

In addition to avoiding unwanted pregnancies, neutering also brings some health advantages to the pet. A castrated animal is less susceptible to contracting diseases such as testicular cancer, breast cancer, and pyometra, a serious infection in the uterus.

The procedure has one more advantage. Castration usually improves the animal’s behavior, as it impacts its hormone production and metabolism. Therefore, neutered dogs are usually calmer and more docile.

Pregnancy is amazing! But you still have doubts about it, and how can it be avoided? Read and understand the above tips very well!

Now that you’ve learned everything about dog pregnancy and how long a dog’s pregnancy cycle lasts, tell us: are you ready to see new puppies around the house?