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How do you put a dog collar on a dog? Learn Here

How do you put a dog collar on a dog? You are going to learn that in this article.

Putting a harness on your dog is the best way to ensure a safe walk for you and your friend, whatever the occasion. If you want to change the traditional collar for a more comfortable accessory for your pet, check out the exclusive tips we’ve prepared for you.


When should I use a chest collar on my dog?

There is no date or stage in the pet’s life that is best suited for you to start using the chest collar. Adopting it into your friend’s routine is more linked to the dog’s behavior and adaptation to the new collar. However, the best thing is to wait for him to complete his training cycle before changing the collar models.

The big problem with starting to use this new accessory during the dog’s learning period is that it can lead to accidents. This happens because the chest collar can give the pet more traction, which will be tempted to command the walk and end up dragging the owner along the sidewalk.

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How to choose a suitable chest collar for your dog

The best way to hit the nail on the head when choosing a chest collar for your dog is to take your dog’s size into account. There are two ways to do this! The first is to take your pet to the nearest pet store and do the clothing test, always ensuring that your pet is comfortable and safe.

If you cannot take your pet for a collar test, then the solution is to measure it. Measure the animal’s body and neck and compare them with the measurements provided by the manufacturer. This way, you will have the right harness for your pet.

One way or another, the most important thing is to make sure the breastplate fits your dog’s body. That is, don’t leave it too loose or too tight because your little friend could get hurt or escape. Before knowing how to use a chest collar,

Discover the main types of chest collars.

1. Breastplate with side coupling

The main feature of this model of chest collar is that the leash is attached to the side. Its main objective is to prevent the dog from leading the walk and dragging the owner, because whenever this happens, the hitch will make the dog always turn towards its handler.

2. Breastplate with front coupling

The front coupling chest collar is popularly known as an anti-pull collar. The great advantage of adopting this type of accessory is that you prevent your pet from running down the street aimlessly, since the guide will serve as a kind of lock for him.

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3. Breastplate with back hook

This type of dog collar is the most common. The great reason for using this is that it allows the owner to attach the animal’s trunk guide, making it much more comfortable, not to mention that it is much easier to walk the pet along the sidewalk.

4. The pectoral tissues

Today, in the USA, there are harnesses made with two types of fabric: nylon and mesh. Each one of them is indicated by a characteristic of the dog. The first is considered more resistant and easier to put on, but it is not recommended for use on very agitated dogs as it can cause injuries, allergies, and even dermatitis.

If your dog is very fussy, an alternative is to use breastplates made with mesh. It is a lighter fabric, similar to dog clothes. The great advantage is that the dog is more comfortable and makes your pet much more stylish due to the variety of prints.

Learn how to put a chest collar on your dog
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How do you put a dog collar on a dog?

Now that you know which types of dog harnesses exist, learn how to use a chest collar on your dog in the most appropriate way. The time has come to learn how to put a chest collar on. This is a very simple procedure, even if your dog has a more energetic personality.

The first step is to leave the breastplate rings open to facilitate the passage of the leash. Then find a quiet place to do this process. Sit on the floor and hold your little friend by the front, trapping him between your legs to prevent him from getting dirty.

With that done, pass the leash through the pectoral rings and buckle the leash on the outfit, being careful not to leave it too loose or too tight. Ready? Now you can let go and take your dog for a walk.

Note: In the first walks of the dog with the new collar, the ideal is to choose quiet and safe places. Because of this, during the adaptation process, the animal tends to get irritated more easily and try to escape.

Have a nameplate for your dog

Did you know that, in addition to the dog collar, there is another way to make walks with your friend even safer? That’s right! With identification plaques, you ensure that, in case of escape, the dog can be found.

Did you see how simple it is to put a collar on a dog and guarantee a comfortable and safe walk for your pet? Thank you for reading to the end. Come back for more tips and guides. If you want to support our work, buy me a coffee.