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Are Apples good for my dog? Find out here!

I was surfing the internet when I bumped into this personalized question from people: “Are apples good for my dog?” As a dog owner, I would try to write on this today.

Now, can a dog eat an apple? We are talking about a popular fruit, tasty and with different nutritional qualities, that is considered a healthy food option for humans. But does it work the same way for dogs?

Whether it’s snacks, feed, fruit, or any other food, before adding Apple to your pet’s food routine, it’s essential to know whether or not you can offer it, even if it’s “just a little piece.” Continue reading to find out if you can give an apple to your dog.


To answer the question, are apples good for my dog? The objective answer to that question is yes; dogs can eat apples.

This is a fruit that does not cause any problem for the health of the dog. This is because, in addition to the delicious taste, the apple is rich in nutrients that are very important for animals, such as vitamins A and C.

The dog can eat apples just like they can eat bananas, but write down these tips! A point of attention: give your dog just the seedless fruit. In this way, intestinal obstruction is avoided, as the apple seed is bad for dogs because it contains a toxic substance, cyanide.

Even if your dogs take the apple seeds in small amounts, after a certain time, the accumulation of the substance in their bodies can be harmful to their health. Therefore, never forget to slice the fruit into cubes and remove all the seeds before giving the fruit to your dog.

In addition, it is important to observe whether the food causes any type of digestive disorder in the dog, especially in those who have never eaten the fruit. If it happens, do not give them more and look for a professional to report the event.

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Benefits of apples for dogs

First of all, it is essential to make it clear that the pet must have quality commercial pet food. That’s because the rations are developed to specifically meet the needs of dogs, providing the essential nutrients to keep the animal’s health up to date.

In this case, the apple is only offered as a natural snack. The fruit contains fibers, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are great for the animal’s organism. For example, among its benefits are:

  1. Apple helps with the synthesis of hormones;
  2. contributes to the eye health of dogs;
  3. assists in the prevention of night blindness;
  4. protects veins and arteries;
  5. regulates intestinal transit.

How do I safely feed apples to my dog?

Dog owners, you can serve the fruit fresh and in pieces, as well as let the dog eat the apple with the peel. It’s even a good tip. This part of the fruit is rich in soluble fiber, which surrounds fat molecules and is good for the joint system as well as delaying the absorption of sugars in the dog’s body.

In addition, the texture of the apple is very pleasant for dogs, and this characteristic also helps with their oral hygiene. But, before giving them the fruit, some precautions are necessary, such as:

  • Wash the apple well to eliminate any type of toxin.
  • Remove the seeds, core, and stem;
  • Cut them into small slices or pieces so they can easily eat them. Never offer the whole apple.

How many apples can you feed dogs?

The ideal situation is always to consult a veterinarian to establish the proper diet for your dog.

As we are talking about a food that will be offered as a natural snack, a piece or slice is a good amount so as not to exceed or disturb your pet’s digestion.

Note: It is very important that any change in your dog’s eating routine be validated by a veterinarian.

There you go! Now you know that apples are good for dogs and are good fruits that can be offered to your pet. Remember to always supervise your dog’s food routine; this is important to understand which foods are good for him. And of course, periodically visit a veterinarian. And before you go, if you like my work, I will appreciate you buy me a coffee 🥰