5 Easy Steps To Apply For MBA Scholarships

There are steps in which you can take when you want to apply for MBA scholarships.

These steps help maximize your chances of getting an MBA scholarship, although the selection process relies on other factors such as luck, good timing, and so on.

When it comes to applying for MBA scholarships, they are not as mysterious as most people think they are, most time you just need to follow the same factors that made you competitive for admission to an MBA program.

The major reason most business schools award scholarships is to persuade people to attend their MBA program, let’s look at it as more of a compliment than a bribe. Every business school wants to give you a thousand reasons why you should attend their program and no better way to convince applicants than an enticing scholarship opportunity.


Tips to Apply For MBA Scholarships

Below are some tips that will come in handy when applying for an MBA scholarship;

1. Start Early

Yes, almost all scholarship opportunities are usually given to early birds.

Waiting for last-minute submission can be quite frustrating and most time will also come with an error in submission.

Filling out one scholarship application can be quite stressful even when you are an early applicant, now imagine how it will be if you are behind schedule.

Once you are done filling out your application, submit it as early as possible, because it is one thing to start an application early and another to submit your application on time.

So make sure that you are on time on both procedures to help boost your chances of getting an MBA scholarship.


2. Apply For as many scholarships as Possible

You have heard this saying “It is not good to put all your eggs in one basket”
When it comes to getting a scholarship, this advice comes in handy.

You can obey all the rules of application and still not get the scholarship, that’s why it is advisable to keep applying for scholarships as far as you are eligible for them.

The more scholarships you apply for, the more chances you get for being selected in one. This is not a guarantee, but it will help boost your chances of acquiring an MBA scholarship


3. Maximize GMAT and GRE Test Scores

According to previous records and research, it is seen that MBA scholarships are often awarded to academically strong candidates.

In order to show the scholarship board that you are a strong candidate, you need to present good GMAT and GRE test scores.

Although these test scores are not the only indicator of one’s academic intelligence, most business schools often make use of them to ensure that you can keep up with your academic program.


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4. Emphasize Affiliations in Underrepresented Groups

Most MBA scholarship program boards find candidates from underrepresented groups attractive when considering applications.

Outside getting a high GMAT and GRE score, most MBA scholarship awardees are often people who are members of groups traditionally underrepresented among MBA classes.

Most business schools seek divergent, opposing viewpoints expressed during class discussions because those views enhance learning. In general, the way MBA programs guarantee lively classroom interactions is by admitting diverse, well-rounded classes made up of students with different backgrounds and experiences. And a diverse gender and ethnic background mix provides an essential way to do that.


5. Negotiate Scholarship

All MBA scholarships are negotiable, by that we mean that you can negotiate the amount of scholarship grant that will be given to you by a business school.

The most successful way to negotiate your scholarship funding is to win scholarship awards from your target program’s peer schools, with whom they are competing for MBA applicants.

Remember we talked earlier about how every business school wants you to enroll in their academic program? Once the business school sees that you have an alternative they will try their best to keep you.

When negotiating, make sure you are honest, and respectful and do not come off as demanding, consider the school’s budget and be specific on what you want.


Getting an MBA scholarship will not be easy but with these above steps, it can give you an upper edge among your competitors. Don’t forget, early birds always get the best, so start now who knows you might just be lucky.

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