5 Dogs With The Strongest Bites In The World

Find out which are the 5 dogs with the strongest bites in the world and avoid getting close to them as strangers at all costs. This list is arranged in descending order.

5: German Shepherd

5 Dogs With The Strongest Bites In The World

The fifth dog breed with the strongest bite in the world is the German Shepherd.  This breed is known for its intelligence and ability to learn orders. That is why it is a breed that is widely used in the military and the police.

This is a large dog, which can measure between 55 and 65 centimeters in height. The weight can reach up to 40 kilograms for an adult German Shepherd. This is almost equivalent to the weight of a small adult woman.

By the way, the bite of a German Shepherd can cause a lot of damage. It can reach a force equivalent to 107.95 kilograms, which makes it capable of breaking human bones with its teeth.

4: American Bulldog

5 Dogs With The Strongest Bites In The World

When you are talking about dogs with the strongest bite in the world, American Bulldog ranks fourth. The American bulldog is among the brachycephalic dog breeds, just like the pug and the shih tzu. This means that they have a very specific head shape with a short distance between the snout and the eyes, which gives them their characteristic look.

Therefore, their jaws tend to have a different shape, being more forward-looking. Their lower jaw is the bone that holds all their teeth, giving a somewhat similar expression to these dogs, which are commonly prognathous (that is, they have a forward chin and a smaller upper jaw).

The American Bulldog is an athletic and courageous dog, although they are docile within the family. Because of its anatomy, its bite can be quite painful, reaching the equivalent of 138.34 kilos.

3: Rottweiler

5 Dogs With The Strongest Bites In The World

The Rottweiler is one of the most feared dog breeds in the world. And not without reason: they are dogs that can become dangerous if not trained properly. This is not to say that they are not very friendly and affectionate with their families.

This is a large dog, weighing around 61 kilograms, which can reach a height of up to 69 centimeters.

Its bite, made possible by its strong jaw and its aggressive temperament, can reach the equivalent of 148 kilos. So if the Rottweiler is in your family, especially when you are not a friendly face, it’s best not to go near it.

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2: Pit Bull

5 Dogs With The Strongest Bites In The World

The Pitbull is a very feared dog among the population. In some countries, such as Canada, it has even been banned. He is medium-sized and was created to fight in dog fights (hence the word “pit,” which in English designates the arena where these fights took place).

That is, he was entirely designed to have strength. Its bite is quite harmful; it can reach the equivalent of 200 kilos.

1: Mastiff

5 Dogs With The Strongest Bites In The World

The dog with the strongest and most dangerous bite is called Mastiff. English Mastiff is a very strong and powerful breed. This dog can tear other dogs apart in a fight. He has a balanced and docile temperament, in addition to being very obedient, so he is often used as a guard dog or even by the police.

Based on the size, it can also be quite intimidating to intruders. The mastiff can weigh up to 60 kilos. This dog is also very loyal to its owners and tends to protect them.

In addition, its bite is very powerful; it can reach the equivalent of 250 kilos. However, apparently, it is not very fond of attacking and will only do so in a situation of dire need.

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