10 Simple Steps To Plan Your Trip on The Go

If you desire to travel, knowing how to plan your trip is an important factor you need to pay attention to.

The euphoria of travel can keep you so distracted that you end up not planning, giving you a rush hour on the time of your departure. In situations like this, you may even forget something very important due to rush.

There is this popular adage that says; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning is an important aspect of anything you wish to do or want to achieve, and traveling is not left out. In this article we have taken our time to provide you with 10 simple steps that can help you plan your trip, providing you with a more fun time and less bad experience.

Step 1: Choose a Destination

Being indecisive about your destination is like entering a moving car that has no driver but a stone on the throttle, the end point is that you will definitely crash.

Choosing a destination is an important step in traveling. This will help you to solidify your travel, giving you a clear goal to work on.

You know what they say, specificity is key to action or key to growth, defining a specific destination will provide you with the motivation to plan your steps in order to get to that destination.

Once you get it right in this step it will reduce your wondering tendency, by that I mean it will give your mind a precise location, making you stop overthinking.

Why not sit on your drawing board as a tourist or traveler and define your desired destination, believe me, it works.

Step 2: Determine a Length For The Trip

The Ambigousness of a plan makes it hard to achieve it, after you have chosen a destination, it is very important to know the time length it will take you to achieve this desire.

Most people choose their time length based on; their work schedule, finance, and savings. Whatever it is, determine the length of achieving your desire to travel.

This will help to solidify your planning process.

Step 3: Research Cost and Expenses

Financial enlightenment is important for achieving any desired plan including traveling. After you have known your destination and the desired time length it will take you to get there, knowing about the cost of the trip is very important.

You can not do this without learning about the destination you wish to travel to.

Another aspect to take note of is your style of travel. For instance, if you desire to stay in a nice resort and eat in an expensive restaurant, your cost of travel will definitely be expensive.

Here are a few tips to help you determine the cost of your travel;

  • Purchase a guidebook on the location you wish to travel to.
  • Join an online forum where you guys will discuss the pricing on certain destinations.
  • Conduct a google search on the prices of items, accommodation, and attractions.
  • Read blog posts related to your destination on travel websites.

With this guide, the cost of your travel will be easy to ascertain, providing you with a clear goal of saving for the trip.

Step 4: Start Saving For Your Trip

Now you have the amount it will cost you to embark on your journey, it is now time to start saving up for it.

You can do this by checkmating your expenses and looking for where to cut down expenditures so as to increase the money left at hand.

You can even get an extra job to help you speed up your income increase giving you more money to save.

For instance, if you need about $1000 to make a trip with a time length of 5 months, you will need about $6.45 every day.

Step 5: Find an ATM that has less charge fee

One problem with having a saving account is the ATM fee charge.
In order to avoid this, you need to find an ATM that charges less.

You can also do this by reducing the way you make expenses on the ATM card.

Step 6: Look For Last Minute Discount

Last-minute discounts are important to look for before making any purchase of your travel requirements such as flights and accommodation.

If you find the right offer, it will definitely save you a few hundred dollars on your trip.

here are a few websites that can help you spot some last-minute discounts;

Step 7: Take Care of Any Country’s Requirements

Every country has a specific requirement that is needed to access them.

It is very important that you make sure you have all of them to avoid any embarrassment or delay that may come up within the course of your travel.

For example, most countries in Europe don’t require U.S. citizens to apply for a visa. Instead, a U.S. passport acts as a tourist visa. However, other countries such as China and Nepal require U.S. citizens to apply for a visa in order to enter the country.

Step 8: Book Your Flight

After you have gathered enough money that is needed to embark on your journey and spotted all the right discounts and offers, the next important step is to book your flight.

It is always advisable to book your flight earlier before your travel, due to the increase in travelers these days so as to avoid being stuck with no flight available for travel.

Another advantage of booking ahead of time is that your flight ticket will be cheaper. It is even advisable to book your ticket two months ahead of time so as to reduce the price of your flight ticket.


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Step 9: Book Your Accommodation

Once you have confirmed your flight booking, the next thing is to secure your accommodation so that you don’t get stranded in your desired location.

If you are traveling with a fixed schedule, it is important to book all your accommodation before leaving. This will result in better deals and lower prices.

If staying in hotels is your thing, you should consider signing up for loyalty programs or hotel credit cards, this will help you save money in the long run.

You can also find affordable accommodation by scouting on booking websites such as;

Step 10: Plan Some Fun Activities

No travel is complete without having to do the fun stuff.

Planning a fun activity is an important step in planning your trip. It will help outline some of the places you have to go and also your activity, in that way you can’t be bored during the course of your trip.

Give it a Try

With all these simple steps, planning your trip has become much easier. So why not give it a try and see how it goes?

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