10 Important Fun Things To Do In New York City

It is not alone to travel to a city, you need to also know the fun things to do in the city so that you don’t get left out. In this article we have taken our time to organize 10 important fun things to do in New York city so that you don’t get left out.

If you are a tourist just like me you would have noticed by now that New York city is among the most popular city for tourist visitation. The city welcomes about 60 million visitors every year, with a beautiful site of attraction comprising of skyscrapers, resorts and important landmarks.

The city also houses about 8 million people living in New York that call it home and more than 800 languages are spoken in the city.

one interesting fact about this city is that it always has something going on, this implies that you whether you are planing to go or not something must always take you there.

Lets us give you a guide on the most important fun things to do in New York city.

1. Checking out Central Park

Central park happens to be the largest and most important public park in New York city.

the park is located between the upper west and upper east sides of Manhattan. When it comes to entertainment, the park consist of enormous options such as shopping mall, full sized zoo and so on.

If you love to take a walk, ride a bike or have your kids play around, central park is there for you with about two dozen play grounds.

The most intriguing fact of this park is that it is absolutely free to access, that means accessing it won’t cost you a dime.

2. The beautiful Statue of Liberty

Another important land mark in New York is the Statue of Liberty.

An important fact to note about the statue is that it was a gift of friendship from France to the United States and it is also recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy.

It is a very beautiful site for tourist attraction and a must see site if you are new to NYC.

You will definitely need a ticket to go there by taking a ferry or riding the elevator to the top of the goddess crown.

3. The Metropolitan Museum Art

The Metropolitan Museum art is the largest and most comprehensive art museum in New York City, and also happens to be the foremost in the world.

If you are in New York and you are a lover of art, then the museum is a must visit for you. The Museum contains the largest gallery on the entire continent, housing about two million objects including paintings, sculptures, vintage fashion and so on.

The museum is known for it’s frequent events, so depending on when you visit, you can always attend an event or two.

The tour guide of the museum is very interesting, your kids can enjoy a good story time.

4. Time Square

Time Square is the most liveliest area in the city of New York, making it a major centre for tourist, show business and commerce.

The most interesting fact about this place is that it never sleeps, at every point in time there is something going on there.

People say that seeing the Time square in the night is better than seeing it in the day time, especially with its neon lights and the billboards.

Not to talk of that the streets are always crowded with magicians and street vendors.

5. Rockaway Beach

While growing up as a child, i have always wanted to visit the Bahamas to have that beach experience, as in come on who doesn’t love the beach?

If that is your dream and you happen to be in New York city, Rockaway Beach will make that dream come true for you.

Rockaway Beach is one of the best NYC beaches. Aside from sand and surf, you can also find great shops such as vintage shops, surf gear shops, out door bars and so on.

The beached is equipped with fun games such as surfing, sand volley ball game.

Like i said earlier if you have been dreaming of that beach life experience like building a sand castle, umbrella drinks and much more, rockaway beach will definitely tickle your fancy.

6. Tribeca

Have you ever heard of this phrase, there is no place like Tribeca?

Well truly there is definitely no place like Tribeca

Tribeca is a neighbourhood in New York City where cobblestone streets are lined with cafes, bistros and boutiques of every variety, many of them set against a backdrop of industrial buildings converted into chic lofts.

Tribecca is also known for its lofts and celebrity residents such as Robert De Niro and Beyonce.

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7. Empire State Building

Empire State Building is considered as one of the worlds man made wonders of the world.

It happens to be the world’s first 100 story building, being the tallest building in the world untill 1971.

The building is one of the most popular site of attraction in NYC.

If you are a lover of height you will definitely love to see the tip of the building, but if you don’t like height you will get dizzy on reaching the building top.

To access the building you will definitely need a ticket.

8. American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of natural history is a major centre for research and education on natural sciences.

The Museum has advanced its global mission to discover, interpret, and disseminate information about human cultures.

It houses about 34 million objects consisting of interesting exhibits that will definitely inspire you about the natural world.

The museum will definitely answer your imaginative questions about the natural wonders of the world.

9. The Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art consist of comprehensive collection of primarily American and European art ranging from the late 199th century to the present.

The museum is often identified as one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world. It is known to fuel creativity, ignite minds, and provide inspiration to its viewers.

It consist of artifacts such as paintings, sculptures, films illustration, photography, architectural models and much more.

To access this museum, you will definitely need to pay a fee although they run a discount on friday evenings after 5:30 pm.

10. Broadway

If you are a lover of Orchestra music just like I am, then Broadway is a must visit for you in New York City.

Broadway is one of the most famous avenues in NYC, it is known as the heart of American theater industry.

Broadway will provide you with an opportunity of enjoying award wining productions of Hamilton, Hairspray, The Lion King, and much more.

Because of how busy broadway can get, you will definitely need to book your ticket on time so that you can access the theater.

Give it a Try

with our list of interesting things to do in New York city, you can definitely bet that your stay will bee a lovely one. So if you are planing on taking a tour why not give all this places a try and see for yourself how fun a city can be when you know where to go in it.

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