10 Best Online Doctorate Degree Program For You

Getting an online doctorate degree is quite easy, although you will need to put in an effort both in watching your lectures online and keeping up with assignments and project work.

Sometimes, getting an online doctorate may not require a dissertation, although there are still some that do.

Instead of a Dissertation, some online Ph.D. programs require a capstone project(also known as a doctoral research project). These will help to put your learning to a test, enabling you to solve real-world problems, using the knowledge and skills you acquire during the study.

Getting a doctorate may take you up to four years, if you already have a master’s degree it will take you up to 3 years. Most time acquiring a doctorate online might even take longer, but it gives you time to also do other important stuff and lets you take lectures at your own pace.

As we all know, getting a doctorate degree is a great way to advance your knowledge, skill, and career. This will in turn increase your pay.

According to statistics, an average salary of a Doctor of Pharmacy is $106,630.

10 Institutions that Offer Online Doctorate Degree

Due to all the advantages mentioned above, we have taken our time to provide you with some institutions that offer you an opportunity of acquiring a doctorate degree online.

1. Baylor University

Degree Program: Doctor of Education in Learning and Organizational Change

Baylor University’s online doctorate degree program focuses on educational leadership.

It aims to help students to learn and understand how to manage organizational change, through the teaching and learning process.

Its Ph.D. program is mainly for teachers, administrators, and educators who have an interest in leading and managing a school system.

The program is also practice-oriented, allowing you to practice what you learn.

While running the program, you will take nine credits of learning foundations courses, 24 credits of organizational change courses, and nine credits of research methods courses. At the end of your studies, you will then put all the knowledge and skill you gained about educational leadership to work on a problem of practice(POP) and a capstone project.

All this will in turn let you explore what you have learned.

See more details about Baylor University’s Online Doctorate Degree Program on Learning and Organizational Change.


2. Bradley University

Degree Program: Doctor of Nursing Practice

Bradley University’s online doctorate degree program is the best when looking for a good doctorate degree program as a nurse.

The university divides its doctoral program into three different sectors making it more accessible to students they include;


This program is for nurses who have an interest in learning and exploring the administrative part of health care and have an aim of taking up an administrative role within health care organizations.

Psychiatric Mental Health

If you have an interest in psychiatry as a nurse, then this program is for you. In the program, you will learn therapeutic treatments, and advanced nursing practice, and improve your psychological communication skills.

Family NP

This doctoral program is for nurses who seem to have an interest in family practice.

The fun fact about this doctoral program is that it takes a student-centered approach, it also provides you with the individualized attention that helps to make your online program a success.

See more information about Bradley University’s Online Doctorate Degree Program on Nursing Practice.


3. Northcentral University

Degree Program: Doctor of Criminal Justice

Northcentral University’s doctoral program is a perfect program for you if you are looking for an online doctorial degree in Criminal Justice.

The course program is divided into three different sections;

The first program does not require residency and no campus visit.

The second program does not require GRE or GMAT scores, allowing you to forgo these tests and keep your money back in your pocket. Although you must meet other admission criteria such as having a master’s degree.

The third program is a one-to-one format, providing you with individualized attention, guidance, and support to help you navigate your way through the program.

During your course of study, you will complete 18 courses worth 54 credit hours in order to acquire the degree.

You will also need to dedicate about 45 months to meet up with the course requirements.

Northcentral University’s doctoral program in Criminal Justice
offers specialization in;

  • Organizational Leadership
  • Policing
  • Homeland Security
  • Public Administration

Getting this degree gives you access to the following career path;

  • detective or criminal investigator
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Immigration and Customs Inspector
  • First-Line Supervisor
  • Compliance Manager
  • Loss Prevention Manager
  • The sheriff or Sheriff Deputy
  • Police Detective

See more information about Northcentral University’s Online Doctorate Degree Program in Criminal Justice.


4. Walden University

Degree Program: Doctor of Business Administration

Walden University’s doctoral program is among the top online doctoral program if you are looking to advance your business studies.

The program provides you with some features that allow you to customize your learning experience

(A) Multiple Degree Tracks

There are some degree tracks from which you can choose some of which include;

  • International Business
  • Social Impact Marketing
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Energy Management

(B) Capstone Project Possibilities

The program also provides you with three capstone project options;

  • Traditional doctoral study
  • Portfolio
  • Consulting

these options allow you to pursue your degree in a manner that is of interest to you. For instance, A traditional doctoral study might be preferable for some doctoral students, particularly if they already have experience in research or higher education.

(C) Leadership focus

Another important feature of this course is that it provides you with leadership and management skills. You will learn how to think critically and become an excellent problem solver.

It will also help you acquire the communication skills needed to be an excellent leader.

See more information about Walden University’s Online Doctorate Degree Program in Business Administration


5. Arcadia University

Degree Program: Doctor of Physical Therapy

This program is the best for you if you intend to further your education in physical therapy.

The program is both online and offline. you will need to complete 110 credit hours, with the inclusion of coursework in

  • Differential Diagnosis and Intervention
  • Integrated Patient Management
  • Management and Leadership Principles in a PT Settings
  • Exposure to Physical Therapy in a Health Care System

The program also provides you with immersion experience which allows you to study alongside your classmates and learn from professors in a real-world environment.

You will also get 32 weeks of clinical practice, which will allow you to put what you have learned into various settings.

See more information about Arcadia University’s Online Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy.


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6. University of Wyoming

Degree Program: Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

This program is entirely online and you will take various curriculum design and instructional practice courses which may include:

  • Learning and cognition
  • Action research
  • Curriculum development
  • Diversity in education
  • Educational leaders as communicators
  • Educational leaders as change agents

This program is an applied program. it is also a Ph.D. no dissertation option. Rather than traditional Ph.D. studies with a research-based dissertation process, this program includes problem-based research, curriculum design activities, and field experiences. These experiences provide you with practical experience in curriculum and instruction.

See more information on the University of Wyoming’s Online Doctorate Degree Program on Education in Curriculum and Instruction


7. Andrews University

Degree Program: Doctor of Leadership

If you are looking to enhance your knowledge and skills in leadership, then this doctoral degree program is for you.

The program is project focused, and there is no dissertation process required.

The program is not long they are 16 courses required for graduation, in addition to your project.

See more details about Andrews University’s Online doctorate Degree Program on Leadership.

8. Northcentral University

Degree Program: Doctor of Public Administration

This program is good for adults who are working, it is entirely online with a one-on-one learning format.

You can begin your degree when it is right for you and then continue your studies based on your schedule.

The program does not require a dissertation or residency. Also, there is no group work required, allowing you to work at your own pace.

After running the doctoral degree program, you will learn how to;

  • formulate solutions to public policy issues at home and abroad
  • Develop an understanding of how to contribute to the field of research in public administration.
  • Evaluate ethical issues and other problems in public organizations
  • Create strategies for improving organizations through evidence-based research.
  • Develop an understanding of the values that drive public administration.

See more information on Northcentral University’s Online Doctorate Degree Program in Public Administration

9. Capella University

Degree Program: Doctor of Health Administration

If making positive changes in the healthcare system is your passion, then this course is for you.

The program includes multiple areas of specialty some of which include;

General Health Administration

If you want to become a healthcare leader, then this option is perfect for you. It focuses on problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and ethics.

Health Care Leadership

This option focuses on developing 21st-century leadership skills in the health sector. You will learn financial management skills and research skills.

Health Care Quality and Analytics

This option guides you on how to use analytics to improve patient outcomes. Also, you will learn how to increase the effectiveness of healthcare organizations and shape healthcare systems.

Health Policy and Advocacy

This option provides you with the needed skills that are required to make organizational changes at the executive level which will impact the patient’s life positively.

See more details about Capella University’s Online Doctorate Degree Program in Health Administration.


10. University of South Florida

Degree Program: Doctor of Public Health

This program focuses on advanced education and training in public health.

The program will prepare you for competent practice by exploring many topics and providing you with courses related to lab management, global health assessment, biocomputing, and much more.

This is a hybrid program. This means that most courses are remote. But there is also an on-campus learning requirement. This on-campus experience includes three institutes. They allow you to collaborate with classmates and learn together in a real-life campus environment.

See more details about the University of South Florida’s Online Doctorate Degree Program in Public Health.


Give it a Try

Getting a doctorate degree not only advances your knowledge but also gives you an upper edge in the labor market today, why not pick from the options above and give it a try.




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