10 Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Software Engineering

In the present world today, software engineers are in high demand. If you are looking for a course that will be of benefit to you and also provide you with high pay? then software engineering is the right course for you. In this article, we have taken our time to provide you with the 10 best online bachelor’s degree programs in software engineering that will be of help to you.

Normally in the IT world, you don’t necessarily need a degree to learn the skill or sometimes get a job, but graduates always have an upper edge in the job hunt over non-graduate. That’s why it is advisable to get a degree after learning that skill of your choice.

Getting the best online bachelor’s degree program in software engineering opens the door to a variety of career opportunities to you, some of which include;

  • computer software quality engineering,
  • computer programming
  • software engineer
  • software development
  • IT management
  • computer science education

As a software engineer, your annual salary ranges from $80,000 to $100,000.
With a degree, you can jack up your annual income to about $146,360 annually.

What Do I Need To Apply For an Online Bachelor’s Degree In Software Engineering?

The fun fact about applying for an online bachelor’s degree is that you don’t need any minimum GPA requirement most of these institutions don’t ask for a transcript.

You basically need to devote time to studying and also watch your lectures online. Let’s not forget your tuition fee.

So as you can see applying for a bachelor’s degree has never been quite easy.

What Aspect of Software Engineering Do I Specialize in?

Just like I said earlier, getting a bachelor’s degree gives you an added advantage in the massive job hunt.

However specializing gives you an upper edge in your job pursuit, because you are no longer applying for everything but for a specific role.

Here are some areas in software engineering where you can specialize on;

  • cybersecurity
  • network architecture
  • computer and information research
  • systems analysis
  • systems administration


10 Best Institutions That Offer Online Bachelor Degree Programs in Software Engineering

Looking for institutions that offer a degree program in software engineering can be very stressful, that’s why we have taken our time in this article to provide you with 10 institutions that offer online degree programs in software engineering, some of which include;

1. Bellevue University

Running an online bachelor’s degree program at Bellevue University provides you with a very unique opportunity in acquiring technical skills.

The course curriculum allows you to;

  • develop software coding skills
  • learn software quality verification and validation technique,
  • practice teamwork
  • gain software application development proficiency

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2. University of Illinois

The University of Illinois online bachelor’s degree program in software engineering provides you with the core study of computer science.

Some of the core aspects include;

  • computation
  • algorithms
  • programming languages

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3. Full Sail University

Full Sail University’s online bachelor’s degree programs teach students computer science in relation to today’s consumer markets.

Its curriculum incorporates all facets of business software solutions, some of which include;

  • design
  • development
  • implementation

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4. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University’s program trains students in theoretical and practical programming methods and processes.

The program’s curriculum allows students to choose a concentration;

  • general software engineering
  • cybersecurity engineering
  • data science

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5. Eastern New Mexico University

The Eastern New Mexico University’s online bachelor’s degree programs were built to prepare students to become a;

  • computer programmer
  • database manager
  • software engineer
  • systems analyst

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6. Hodges University

Hodges University’s online bachelor’s degree programs offer students the opportunity of learning computers in relation to the modern computer marketplace.

Here students study the following;

  • gaming
  • software creation
  • web development

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7. Arizona State University

If you are looking for a technical computer career, then Arizona State University’s online bachelor’s degree program is for you.

Because of how good the institution is in technicalities of computer science, graduates can begin a career in;

  • information technology management
  • computer programming
  • computer science education
  • software development
  • computer software quality engineering

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8. Regis University

Regis University’s online bachelor’s degree programs provide students with an opportunity in understanding the complexity of computer skills in the modern-day marketplace.

The courses curriculum covers the following;

  • programming paradigms
  • languages
  • platforms

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9. Colorado State University Global

Colorado State University Global’s online bachelor’s degree programs teach students the following;

  • software development
  • programming
  • analysis
  • computational science

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10. Franklin University

Franklin University’s online bachelor’s degree programs prepare students to create core technology-based solutions.

It also teaches students how to use current business tools to investigate, collaborate, and design solutions in the modern-day market place.

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Give it a Try

Getting a degree in software engineering will give you an edge in the labor market. Now you know most institutions that offer online bachelor’s degree programs, why not give it a try and see how it works out for you.




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